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Waiting For Superman
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Waiting for Superman

Written and drawed and such by P. Calavara.

Satirized from characters created by:

  • Jerry Siegel
  • Joe Shuster
  • Samuel Beckett
  • special notice to George Herriman

Bristol covered with ink and inkwash.

Created as part of a lecture I gave in May, 2010.

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Waiting for Godot by P. Calavara, 2008
So: Explanation.
I gave a guest lecture in the Spring of 2010 entitled Waiting For Superman, for which these comics were all produced. The lecture was given in the course of a class at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, taught in part by my friend Mark Harrison. The class was centered around adaptation in all its form, literary, scientific, film, et al. Being a locally renowned comic expert or something, I was asked to present on adaptation-in-the-medium-of-comics-and-comic-books. Comics are ideal for explaining adaptation since the same story can be told in so many different ways based upon the aesthetic choices made by the creator.

I centered the lecture portion of my lesson around Superman and the many many ways that he had been reborn and used in comics, movies, politics, and the culture writ large. Big Red is ideal as an example of adaptation, having been a stand-in for the changing visions of the best America has to offer since his inception and on down into the 21st. This place at the head of Truth,-Justice,-and-the-American-Way class is part and parcel with Superman's place as The Most Famous Character In The World. I mean, really, without having ever really read much about him, most people can still whip out basic factoids about his life: Clark Kent, Metropolis, Lois Lane, Kryptonite, Smallville, etc. He is a part of the zeitgeist and has been for 70 years, though I still personally find him borderline unreadable. Still, he's good for showing how a fictional entity can be evolved as needs dictate.

For the workshop portion of my lesson, I was asked to include Beckett's play, Waiting for Godot, which the class had just read. I decided to have the students break into groups to create comics for bringing Superman into the world of Godot, something silly and fun, guaranteed to bring out several different visions and adaptations of the two source materials.

To get them started, I created three examples of the Waiting For Superman trope in different styles to achieve different effects. I already had character models (pictured above) from a Lit Project print I had done of Beckett's play a couple years prior. I may have gone overboard with creating three comics (esp. the third, which clocks in at five pages), but it was fun and let me play outside my usual worlds, so what the hell.

Supes vs. Godot
Supes vs. Godot

Version 1.

Secret Identity
Secret Identity

Version 2.


Version 3.


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