P. Calavara's HAMLET
Thebes-O-Ramanext episode
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Episode 1 - Gettin' It On.

Written, drawed, and other by P. Calavara, Olympia.

Based on the true story of Sophocles's cousin, Lester.

Ink on 11x14" bristol board.

This should be explained as such: Years ago, in a class I took on Ancient Greek art and science, I did a project on Oedipus Rex that included two very tiny 22 panel comics, with basically stick figure art and jokes I thought were funny. The project (a Cornell box, if that makes sense to you) has sat on a bookshelf for years and finally the rubber cement holding the comics on began failing. I don't much care about the box, but the comics made me chuckle, so I decided to redraw them for real for posterity. There you have it. They not only fit in fairly well topically with the Hamlet project, but (in the case of episode 2) are a clear indication of finding myself on the path that led to the Hamlet project. Think of this as a proto-Hamlet, same as the original plays by Sophocles would eventually lead to Shakespeare. Viewed in that light, I'm an effing genius!

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all bathos, pathos, images, words, ennui, stories, et al copyright 2011 P. Calavara