P. Calavara's HAMLET
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Krazy Hamlet

True Love is a Brick

Written, drawed, and other by P. Calavara, Olympia.

There is some cause to blame ol' man Herriman for this.

Technical pen on 14x17" bristol, color by photoshop.

So, long ago in a galaxy far far away I scrawled some notes on an early draft of the Hamlet/Star Wars script about doing a Krazy Kat/Hamlet piece- just the notion of the domino effect of each character bricking each other. I kept the scrap of paper around until cleaning my office a bit and deciding I needed to recycle it. The only way I felt I could get rid of this paper was to produce the comic, thus rendering the notes unnecessary. Thus...
I created this from the ground up to be poster size, full knowing that it's far too esoteric to ever be made into a poster. Oh well. For the color, I was trying to somewhat emulate the color halftone printing process of the original comic strip. I may redo it later... or I may not. Anyhow, enjoy.

all bathos, pathos, images, words, ennui, stories, et al copyright 2011 P. Calavara