P. Calavara's HAMLET
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CLAUDIUS, King of Denmark.
HAMLET, son to the former, and nephew to the present King.
POLONIUS, Lord Chamberlain.
HORATIO, friend to HAMLET.
GUILDENSTERN, courtiers.
FORTINBRAS, Prince of Norway.

GERTRUDE, Queen of Denmark, mother to HAMLET.
OPHELIA, daughter to POLONIUS.

Ghost of HAMLET's Father.

This page was the earliest thing I produced, naturally, as it was and has continued to be used as a character guide throughout my frolics in and about Elsinore. It was drawn with the "P. Calavara's HAMLET" "logo" onto bristol and then colored digitally a couple years later.

The original Hamlet comic was printed in a student publication I did called Dead Robot, and the first page of the comic was the title with the characters all drawn out, a guide to what actor was playing what role as it were. This was also included in reference to plays traditionally listing the cast of the play at the beginning of the work.

Beyond the names and drawings, there was no explanation for who-was-what included as the expectation for knowing who Claudius and Ophelia were lay with the reader. Probably just another example of either my, A: hubris, B: over-confidence in people's knowledge base, or C: underlying belief in Félix Fénéon's maxim that anything you write should challenge the reader to have to look something up. Oh, also D: I just never thought about it.

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