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The Seduction of Adam Smith
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wealth of nations

The Seduction of Adam Smith.

Written and drawed and such by P. Calavara.

Based on a dirty limerick by V. Lenin.

Ink and inkwash on a couple sheets of 11x14" bristol.

Combined and colored on the computer box.

Bunches more info at calavara.com/?p=100.

In October 2010 a capitalist sort to whom I am related elected to turn 50. To celebrate this I did a small one-off piece of art of Adam Smith (included below- this was done with india ink on bristol, then colored with inkwash). As I was creating it I had an image of a completed comic flash into my mind. At the time I did this I posted an extensive post of the comic's creation at my blog, visible at: calavara.com/?p=100.

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