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In which we have added Krazy Hamlet, which is something of a Krazy Kat pastiche, unless I miss my mark.

In which we have added Thebes-O-Rama episode 3 to round out the classic comic masterpiece I created on a whim, unless I decide to someday crank out some more.

In which we have added Thebes-O-Rama, two single page comics (for now or forever) about history's second favorite tragedian, Oedipus Rex. These comics were written years ago for a class I took and then redrawn this week for posterity. Enjoy!

In which we have added Waiting for Superman to our Hamlet Who? section, since they had nowhere else to go. These are three comics I created for a lecture last year that mashup Superman with Beckett's Waiting for Godot, with some George Herriman and Bertolt Brecht tossed in for good measure.

In which we have added Episodes 5 & 6 of Bat-Hamlet. These are the last of the conceived of and created Bat-Hamlets. There may be more someday or tomorrow but there's nothing on the docket.

In which we have added Episode 4 of Bat-Hamlet. Also, P. Calavara does Josef Lada's version of Hašek's Good Soldier Švejk #1-3 has been added to the Lit Project page. Live it and love it.

In which we have added Episode 3 of Bat-Hamlet, and created a new Hamlet Who? division, which is currently populated by the lonely and slightly unhinged Adam Smith. Hamlet Who? is a section of the site dedicated to comics that are the philosophical brethren of Hamlet, but not actually of Danish pedigree.

In which we have created this new site to keep hold of P. Calavara's Hamlet, the impish excercise in esoteria, Shakespeare, and rogueish impertinence in which we occasionally indulge. Or whatever it is we do. To kick us off, aside from presenting the existing works of Hamleterica in which we've froliced to this point (Original, The NOSE, and the previously posted tease of the near mythological Star Wars), we have written out some explanatory bits to guide you along and have collected into a single place much of the assorted non-Hamlet bric-a-brac with some tangential relation to this project. Also, we today introduce a new feature to be updated semi-regularly for the rest of the week and then probably never again: Bat-Hamlet.

Dramatis Personæ
    In which the characters of our drama are known.
    What the hell, why, how long, and whaaa...? This is the place to learn more.
Lit Project
    Hamlet is merely the largest jewel in my collection of cartoonizing dudes from words.

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    The official home of P. Calavara Officialness. Though there may not be answers here, you may yet cast some light on the method behind the madness.
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Hamlet In BW
Hamlet In B/W

As originally printed and displayed.

Hamlet In Color
Hamlet In Color

As given the Ted Turner treatment.

Please don't sue me, DC.
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6

*NEW* 1.7.12

An utterly esoteric style exercise based on some offhand notes I scrawled on a piece of scrap paper.

This is a comic monologue retelling of Nikolai Gogol's The Nose, one of my all-time fave short stories. Read the original in translation here.

This is just a teaser for the uninked comic floating around my closet.

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